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New logo for Mizoram Police

VOL - LIIISSUE - 350Date - 07/07/2023

No. A. 46011/1/2013-HMP/263-264, the 4 th  July, 2023. In  the  interest  of  public  service,  the
Governor of Mizoram is pleased to introduce a new logo for Mizoram Police as below with the following
1. The logo shall be designated ‘Mizoram Police Logo’ (hereinafter referred to as the Logo).
2. The Logo shall be shield-shaped (fleur-de-lis). Height and breadth ratio of the Logo shall be 1:07.
Background of the upper half portion of the Logo shall be fire red and that of the lower half portion
navy blue in colour. A gilded National Emblem shall be displayed in the middle of the upper half
portion. Height of the National Emblem shall be two thirds of the vertical width of the upper half
portion. The Logo shall also be characterised by ‘Darkhuang’ (a gong), in its original colour, in
the middle of the lower half portion with its upper rim just below the dividing line. Diametre of the
gong shall be 25% of the width of the Logo. The Logo shall also display a pair of ‘Fungkis’ (bull
horn used as gunpowder container). The bases of the bull horns shall enclose the gong with their
tips pointing at the bottleneck of the National Emblem. Below the gong, the words, ‘Mizoram
Police’ shall be written in white capital letters in a red text box, curved upwards. Both ends of text
box shall be bent once inwards and outwards with their tips notched.
The bending ends of the text box shall portray the characteristics of ‘Thangchhuahpuan’ (The Mizo
cloth of honour). The whole outer margin line of the Logo and that of its text box shall be yellow.
3. A representation of all the rest of the characters of the Logo as they are, on any background and
without any shaping margin shall also be valid wherever considered appropriate by the Chief of
Mizoram  Police.
4. The Logo shall replace the old one.

H. Lalengmawia,
Commissioner & Secretary to the Govt. of Mizoram,
Home  Department.

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