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VOL - XLIIISSUE - 42Date - 01/02/2013

The Mizoram Gazette EXTRA ORDINARY Published by Authority RNI No. 27009/1973 Postal Regn. No. NE-313(MZ) 2006-2008Re. 1/- per pageVOL - XLII Aizawl, Friday 1.2.2013 Magha 2, S.E. 1934, Issue No. 42 PROCLAMATION (Under Sec-21(a)(b) of Wildlife (Protection) Act 1972 (Central Act 53 of 1972) No. L. 11020/14/98-LRS(L),the 8th January, 2013. 1.Mizoram sor kar chu an a chu nga Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972 angin, Lunglei District chhu ngah “THORANG WILDLIFE SANCTUARY” area awm sa bakah Kawnpui ‘W’ leh Darngawn ‘W’ village te huam telin 130 Sq. Km siam belh a tum thu lehkha No. B. 12012/15/2010-FST Dt. 7.1.2013 ah a puang tawh a. A ram awmdan chu a hnuaia para-5 a tarlan ang hi a ni. 2.Hetiang a sorkarin Project siam a lo tum takah chuan he dan S ection-18 read with Section-19,20 and 21-na in a duh angin, he Thora ng Wild life Sa nctuary atana r uahman ramchhungah hia n mimal emaw pawl ho emaw ram leh bungrua nei an awm leh awm loh hriat a ngai a. 3.Chutichuan, kei V. Sapchhunga, IAS , Collector/Deputy Commissioner, Lunglei District chuan a chunga Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972 section 21 angin Proclamation ka chhuah a ni. Section 19 of Wildlife (Protection) Act 1972 in a tarlan angin mi tupawh sawi tur nei apiangin a hnuaia hming ziaktu hnenah he proclamation chhua h atanga thla hnih (2) chhungin emaw dt. 11.3.2013 aia tlai lovah an thehlut tur a ni ang. Chung an sa wi duh chu dilna Form-ah chia ng taka ziakin compensation an beisei a nih pawhin chiang taka ziakin a hnuaia hming zia ktu hnenah hun tiam chhungin an theh lut tur a ni. Chutia nga tih a nih loh chuan a chunga dan Sec. 22, 23, 25 angin emaw tha tih ang angin kalpui a ni ang. 4.He T horang Wildlife Sanct uary ruahman chin hi a ramri leh a a wmna hmun leh huam chin chu para 6 na ah chiang taka tarlan a ni. 5.Name of Area :Thor ang Wildlife Sanctuary. Location:Thor angtlang and its adjoining areas compr ising of Kawnpui ‘W’ and Darngawn ‘W’ villages areas under Bunghmun ‘W’ RD Block of Lunglei District. Area:198 Sq. Kms (including the existing Thora ngtlang Wildlife Sanctuary. 6.RAM ZAUH BELHTURINA HUAM CHINHmar: Zawlpui luiin Mar lui a finna chu teh tan nan hman a ni a, teh tanna atang chuan Zawlpui lui zawh chho zelin Rawthingkawn a thleng. Chuta tang chu an Sekam lui zawh thlain Tut lui a thleng Khawchhak : Sekam lui hnar atangin Tut lui zawh zelin Tlubing lui hnar a thleng. - 2 - Ex-42/2013 Chhim: Tlubing lui hnar kin atangin ramri chu Tlubing lui zawh zelin a kal a, Va-awk kawn a ta n tlang a, Charte lui leh Tuichar thlang lama zawh thlain Lungpum lui a fin. Kha wthlang : Tuichar lui hnar atangin ramri chu Tuichar lui zawh zelin Zawngek lui hnar a thleng a. Zawngek lui leh Mitha-ka wn lui zawh chhoin tlang pawng a thleng. Ramri chu tlang pangah kal zelin Kawnpui-Darngawn ‘W’ Jeep r oad a thleng leh a. Kawnpui - Darngawn ‘W’ Jeep road zawh zelin Zaite Lui a thleng. Ramri chu Zaite Lui zawh thla in Ramr i kawn a thleng. Ramr i chuan Tuikawi lui a zawh thla zel a, Lungpum lui a thleng. Tuikawi lui hnar ata ngin ramri chu a kal a . Lungpu m lui a zawh thla a M a r l u i a fin . M a r lu i za wh ch hoin a t ir a t eh t a nna M a r lu i leh Z a wlp u i lu i a t h leng. PROCLAMATION (Under Sec-21(a)(b) of Wildlife (Protection) Act 1972 (Central Act 53 of 1972) No. L. 11020/14/98-LRS(L),the 8th January, 2013. 1.The Government of Mizoram has notified in letter No. B. 12012/15/2010-FST dt. 7th January, 2013 of its intention to extend the existing Thorangtlang Wildlife Sanctuary by including the contiguous northern areas of Kawnpui ‘W’ and Darngawn ‘W’ village within Lunglei Distr ict as per the above mentioned Wildlife (P rotection) Act, 1972. The land boundaries is as mentioned in pa ra 5 below. 2.As t he Government of Mizor am is intending to extend the existing area of Thorangtla ng Wildlife Sanctuary, it has become necessary as per section-18 r/w Sec. 19, 20,21 of this Act, to ascer tain whether any private or Association have any mova ble or immovable properties within t he land earmar ked for the said Sanctuary. 3.Therefore, I, V. Sa pchhunga, IAS, Collector/Deputy Commissioner, Lunglei District hereby ma ke a proclamation as per section 21 of Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972. As per section 19 of the Wildlife (Protections) Act, 1972, a nyone interested person should submit their representation to the undersigned before the expiry of 2 months from the issuance of this procla mation on or before 11.3.2013. Those who have anything to sa y should clear ly writ e what they have to sa y on the prescribed form and if they are exp ecting compensation they should write it down clearly and submit ted to the undersigned within the prescribed time period. If not, we shall proceed as per section 22, 23 or 25 of the above mentioned Act which ever is most convenient. 4.The boundaries and the location of the proposed extension area and its coverage is clearly mentioned in para 6. 5.Name of the Sanctuary :Thorangtlang Wildlife Sanctuary. Location:Thor angtlang and its adjoining areas compr ising of Kawnpui ‘W’ and Darngawn ‘W’ village areas under Bunghmun ‘W’ RD Block of Lunglei District. Area:198 Sq. Km (including the existing Thora ngtlang Wildlife Sanctua ry). 6.PROPOSED BOUNDARY OF EXTENDED THORANGTLANG WILDLIFE SANCTUARY North:The boundary starts at the point where Zawlpui lui meets Mar lui, it follows Zawlpui lui upstream till it reaches Rawthingkawn (the boundary of Zopui and Darngawn villages). Thence, it follows Sekam lui downstr eam eastwards upto R. Tut. East:From Sekam lui outlet, the boundar y follows R. Tut upstream till it meets the outlet of Tlubing lui. South:From the outlet of Tlubing lui, it follows Tlubing lui upstream and cr osses Va -awk kawn (saddle). Thence, following down the Charte lui a nd Tuichar westwards till it meets Lungpum lui (Existing northern bounda ry of Thorangtlang Wildlife Sanctua ry) West:From the Tuichar outlet, it follows down the Lu ngpum lui till it reaches the outlet of Zawngek lui. Thence, it follows Zawngek lui and Mitha kawn-lu i to upstream upto the hillock, and it follows the ridge of the hill range up to Ka wnpui-Darngawn Jeep road. T hence, it follows Kawnpui-Darngawn Jeep road towards north upto the source of Zaite lui. Thence, it follows down Za ite lui and it crosses Ramri-kawn. T hen, the boundary follows Tuikawi lui downstream up to Lungpum lui. From Tuikawi lui outlet, it follows Lungpum lui downstream till it meets Mar Lui. Thence, it follows Mar lui upstream up to the starting point of the north boundary, i.e. the meeting point of Mar lui and Zawlpui lui. V. Sapchhunga, Deputy Commissioner, Lunglei District, Lunglei. - 3 -Ex-42/2013Published and Issued by Controller, Printing & Stationery Department, Government of Mizoram Printed at the Mizoram Government Press, Aizawl. C/500

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