Our Vision
    The following will be the Vision Statement of the Printing and Stationery department :- 
    1)    To provide best quality printing at most competitive rates and to ensure assured delivery of printed matter within desired time schedule to our clients and Departments.
    2)    Procurement and distribution of stationery materials needed for all Government offices. 
    3)    A Vision Statement is a statement of future intent. We need to translate this Vision into reality with long term strategic planning.
    The Mission statement is a clear and succinct representation of the Organizations purpose for existence. Thus the Mission Statement of the Printing and Stationery Department will be as under:-
    1)    To aspire towards achievement in overall excellence in our work and encourge creativity, ethics and value in our organization and ensure accountability of each employee towards the goals of the organization.
    2)    To provide a transparent, responsive and responsible administration that will balance the demands of our Client Departments and meet the aspirations of our employees.
    3)    To constantly innovate and introduce changes in procedure, in consonance with requirements of today and tomorrow and to make the Printing and Stationery Department  profit driven, industrial units which are self sustainable in the long run.
    4)    To constantly strive towards upgradation and introduction of latest modern technology in Printing in the Mizoram Government presses, and help other presses for their upgradation.
    5)    To give guidance and renders advice from time to time to private printing presses on technical matters relating to printing and allied matters in printing technology as well. To distribute printing jobs to private printing presses approved by the Government of Mizoram if the Mizoram Govt. Press is not in a position to print in time required by client Departments.